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Why Is Personal Development Important | 5 Strong Reasons

by 6 May 2021Personal Development

There are countless reasons why personal development is beneficial. The ultimate reason would be to find your contentment in life.

Nobody promised us that life would be straightforward in achieving what we want. If life would be easy, then nobody will feel the satisfaction of putting the hard work and achieving it.

To pursue contentment in life – a state of happiness and satisfaction, there are bound to be struggles and difficulties you will have to go through.

If you managed to overcome all the obstacles, you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enough with the introduction, let’s move on to the five reasons and importance of personal development.

5 Reasons And Importance Of Personal Development

Reason #1 – Become More Self-Aware

Usually, this would be the very first step to personal development. You will need to discover about yourself.

Discover about what?

You will need to search within yourself and reflect on your entire life. I know it sounds profound. But the process is life-changing.

You can start identifying your

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Gift
  • Passion
  • Fears
  • Dreams

Uncover all these to develop yourself. I would recommend spending 10 – 20 minutes on your own with complete concentration. If you require more time, please set aside more time.


Ask yourself, what do you believe? I’m not talking about religious beliefs here. It’s more towards knowing what do you perceive about a specific topic.

For example – I believe that I am not good at sales. That, however, is a belief BUT, it’s a limiting belief. Everyone works hard to be great at something. Just because I tried it once or twice and failed – doesn’t mean I’m a failure. If I were to keep practicing diligently and the right way, I would be a great salesperson.


Values are guiding principles that dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.

What do you value the most? Do you care for others? Do you appreciate honesty? Is being respectful significant to you?


There are 16 personality types. You can take your personality test online.

The result you get will reflect on your thought processes and behaviors. Understanding them could be an asset to you. So you know what type of environment suits you.


Everyone is born with a gift within them. Ask yourself, what is the one thing that you do so well without much effort?


What is your passion? What is the thing that you do that doesn’t require motivation and enjoy doing everyday? Even if you are earning less to no income. You don’t even mind doing it for free.


Everyone has their own set of fears. Find out what makes you scared. You have to find ways to deal with it.

Usually, those who overcome their fear will be successful in life.


What have you always been wanting to do? For a moment, focus on your dreams and ignore the people who say that’s not possible.

When you get to know more about yourself on a deeper level, planning your development journey would be easier. You know what your wants, likes and what it takes to reach your end destination.

Reason #2 – Sense Of Direction

After self-discovery and becoming more aware, the next in line would be to set goals. It could be personal, school, relationship, money, or anything.

The purpose of setting goals is not the end but the process of it. The journey you go through in between shapes you. It evolves you into someone better.

As you set goals or a direction to move towards, you start to be more focused.

Naturally, you eliminate tasks that don’t support your goals. Be prepared, you may lose some of your friends.

Unlike others who are wandering without a direction, you know the path you are heading, which gives you an edge over them.

Reason #3 – More Competent

As you set your goals, you start to realize that you need to develop your own set of soft and hard skills.

You start by learning skills that are relevant to what you want to pursue. You invest in courses, training, and books.

These investments would further develop yourself and your ability.

End of the day, you are adding value to yourself by being more competent and are deemed to get paid more in the marketplace.

Reason #4 – Greater Resilience

As you embark on this journey of personal development, life will start to teach you several lessons.

When you begin to move forward, something will push you back.
That’s when life will catch you by surprise. You never know what is coming and what to expect.

Who is a better teacher to teach you about life than life itself?

When you go through moments of setbacks, failures, struggles, and it seems like life is picking on you, try this.

Instead of asking, “why is this happening to me?”. You begin to ask, “what can I learn from this event?”.

When you rephrase your questions into greater ones, your mind will see challenges and obstacles as a growth opportunity. You understand that the more you fall and get back up, the stronger you become.

Time after time, you will develop a strong resilience towards life and its challenges.

Reason #5 – Positive Transformation

When you compare yourself to a few months back, you will realize the positive change in you.

You will notice that you are getting wiser, knowledgeable and a change in your mindset. And you will be distinct from the rest.

Additionally, you will undergo a paradigm shift which affects your thought ability. The way you think is different and of something new from the rest of everyday people.

You begin to understand why certain people react in a particular manner. As a result, you think more logically and don’t allow emotions to get hold of you.

When mature people strike a conversation with you, they will instantly pick up the difference in you. They can see from the way you speak and the way you carry yourself.

In the beginning, you won’t realize the difference until someone points it out to you.

As you constantly reflect upon yourself, you will start noticing it more often.

Snapping back to reality, you begin to see the change in your body, mind, and soul. You adopt great habits, possess exceptional qualities, and many more positive things.

Final words

To summarise this article, the five reasons are,

  1. Becoming self-aware
  2. Have a sense of direction
  3. Become more competent
  4. Greater resilience
  5. Positive transformation

It’s good to note that personal development is an ongoing journey. It will never stop unless you stop.

I only mentioned the main five reasons. This is only part of the pie. There is much more than that.

I got to be honest, the start is never easy especially if we are consistently exposed to the negative side of life. But with determination, hard work and discipline, i know you will pull through.

Once you gain momentum, the journey becomes much easier.

Which reason do you think would make you take the first step? Please share with me in the comment below.

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