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Apr 22, 2021

Let me share with you what I hate to do last time. I usually avoided doing this all the time. Whenever teachers advise us to do it, I just agreed. But deep down, I couldn’t be bothered. Guess what?


I find it boring. Each time I read, my mind would wander off. I would think of other things rather than immensely being in the story. I felt like it’s a waste of time. But I tried. As I continued reading, I dozed off.

The next thing I knew was that the book was reading me instead of the other way round. I tried to cultivate this habit since I was young. But each time I tried, I failed. I didn’t know why. For the record, I was trying to read those fictional books.

I was weak in my language subjects. Many have advised me that if I wanted to improve on it, I should be reading more. I did listen to their advice. But reading doesn’t excite me.

I agree that reading does increase my vocabulary skills.

But I dreaded it all the time. I find it pointless. Until one fine day, I read a book that captured my interest.

That non-fiction book changed my perspective on reading. It taught me that through reading, I gained knowledgeable content from the author. The thing I used to hate becomes the thing I love to do.

Suddenly, I found reading comforting as well as a collection of knowledge waiting to be uncovered by me. Up till now, I continued reading self-help books to discover other people’s success and how to overcome setbacks in life. I try to stay away from a fiction book. But I tell myself that once I am in the habit of reading, I would consider grabbing one.

The thing about me is that I love reading books that teach me something. There is always a lesson in it that it’s trying to teach. It could be anything. I am just interested in learning something new.

If we don’t like something and know it’s good for us, can we find other ways to make it enjoyable?

In my case, I know that fiction stories can bore me to death. It may be that I have such a poor imagination. So, I chose to read self-help books that allow me to think and reflect upon myself. It keeps me interested and thinking constantly.

I got to be honest too. There are some books that I bought that are too deep to understand. When this happens, then my mind would start to switch off. Instead of reading it and torturing myself, I move on to other books. Why should I continue reading something that I don’t understand?

Of course, I would re-visit the book that I bare understood a few years later. Perhaps before that, I hadn’t got the wisdom of the book yet. It takes time and experience to understand self-help books. We need to go through an event in our life then we can connect with the words.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Steve Jobs

Until this very day, I have lived up to this quote every day.

I would like to hear from you. What is it that you used to hate, but has brought you so much advantage today?


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