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7 Effective And Successful Steps To A Productive Morning

by 14 May 2021Productivity

When we discuss having a productive morning, we are talking about getting a considerable amount of tasks done in the first half of the day without having any distractions. 

The truth is I didn’t know much about productivity until I came across this YouTube channel named Richard Yu. He is a high-performance coach who gives free content about productivity and entrepreneurship. 

As mentioned, I was clueless about being productive, so I tried out his routine and glad to say that I did get my specific task done early in the morning. 

So today, I will share with you the steps that I take to have a productive morning. 

7 Effective And Successful Steps To A Productive Morning 

Productive Morning Step #1 – Plan The Night Before

To have a productive morning, you will need to start the night before. That means you will need to list down the tasks that you need to perform the next day. 

After listing down the tasks on hand, create a timeline for the whole morning. Also, you need to justify how much time you need to perform your assignment. 

Timing may vary for each task. As such, you will need to adjust the timing accordingly. By doing so, you are visualizing and mapping out how your morning should turn out in your mind. 

For example, if one of my tasks is to write a blog post, I would set two and a half hours of my morning dedicated to it. I would ensure that I utilize these two and a half hours, nothing more or less. 

I want my article to be of a certain quality. So how I justify it is by knowing that this post has to be continuously proofread by me, edited, and re-written. I also need to ensure that there is a good flow of ideas. 

Productive Morning Step #2 – Have A Good Night Sleep

Once planning for the next day is completed, it’s time to head to bed. We need to have an adequate amount of sleep. By having enough sleep, we have sufficient energy to carry out the tasks at hand.

Have at least 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Before getting to bed, dress in your pajamas, and I recommend drinking milk unless you are lactose intolerant or allergic. Reading a book is good too. Also, stay away from your phone as much as possible during the last hour.

How many of us had a good night’s sleep and felt super energized the next day? And with that energy, I’m sure you are ready to take on any tasks in the morning.

Sleep early and get up early to maximize the first part of the day.

Step #3 – Get Up Of Bed Immediately

Once you wake up from the sound of your alarm, don’t hit the snooze button. Get up immediately.

Previously, I would lay in my bed and scroll through social media aimlessly or snooze the alarm. I realized by doing so made my morning worse.

After realizing that, I try to get up immediately – meaning sit on my bed first, then hydrate myself. Next, I would make my bed. And lastly, perform any intense exercises for a minute.

That sudden movement made my body wake up and set the energy flowing.

Step #4 – Have A Spiritual Start

When your body is functioning well, start your day by reminding yourself how lucky and fortunate you are. See what you have rather than what you don’t have.

There are several ways to have this spiritual start.

You can start meditating in a quiet environment, start journalling, or you can perform a prayer.

Step #5 – Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

By the time you finished meditating, journaling, or praying, your stomach would be rumbling.

So, head out to your kitchen and prepare a fiber-rich meal. That meal should make you satisfied BUT not sleepy.

A nutritious meal would be essential to supply the brain and the body with energy, creativity, and focus.

I would start my morning with oats, fruits, and yogurt.

It’s best to avoid sugary food in the morning. Instead, it’s encouraged to eat food that is naturally sweet without any added sugar.

Step #6 – Set The Mood

If your personal or dedicated study desk is not clean or well organized, I suggest cleaning it. Put things that you want to complete in the morning on your table and put away the rest.

Other than that, you want to ask yourself what makes you go in the ‘zone’? Is it listening to piano music while doing your work? How about listening to a motivational podcast before starting?

You want to get in the mood that allows you to be focused and ignore all types of distractions. Putting greenery on your desk could also promote the atmosphere.

Step #7 – Put Your Phone Away

Putting your phone away is the most vital step to maximum productivity. Setting your phone to airplane mode or silent mode could help a lot.

Place your mobile away from you as far as possible. Don’t even think of peeping on your phone.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you are in the ‘zone’ – where your mind is focused on the specific task – and suddenly the ringtone on your phone takes your attention away.

It’s not easy to return to the ‘zone’ once you are out of it.

To prevent all that from happening, place your mobile away in the drawer or away from your sight.

Final words

In summary, for this post, the steps for a productive morning are – to plan the night before, get enough sleep, wake up immediately, being grateful, eating a nutritious breakfast, setting the mood, and put your phone away.

Remember that it’s always possible to adjust accordingly to your schedule. And keep it consistent, so it becomes a routine.

And routine becomes a habit

If you want a productive morning, you will need to wake up early to seize the day. By waking up early, you can get more things done and be calm. You don’t want to rush.

That’s where it goes out of place. Your thoughts run wild and out of the world.

You always want to be composed, relax and able to let the mind flow.

What do you think of the steps? Do you want to try it out for a day? Or do you have a better routine in the morning? Please let me know in the comments below.

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