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Here Are 11 Powerful Life Philosophies To Live By

by 21 May 2021Personal Development

Be careful about which philosophies to live by because they would be a guiding principle in your life.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, philosophy is –  also the beliefs you have about how you should behave in particular situations in life.

I follow Jim Rohn and found his teachings in life exceptionally well.

So, in this article, I will share his examples of philosophies that you can adopt in your life.

11 Powerful Life Philosophies to Live By

1. There Is Always A Blessing In Disguise

You may go through several events that have caused you pain and sorrow. Trust the journey that it will be better if you remain patient and be optimistic.

You may consider embracing the saying – the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

2. Your Past Events Are Experiences To Use For The Future

As Tony Robbins said, “What if life is not happening to you, instead it was happening for you?”

When you are going through struggles and hardships, you can’t see what life is teaching you. But when you overcome it, you realize it’s teaching you a valuable lesson.

So, instead of asking why is this happening to me? Ask, why is it trying to teach me?

Just know that it’s preparing your future self for something bigger.

3. Self-Education Is The Best Form Of Education And Investment

Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living, and self-education will make you a fortune.”

Formal education wouldn’t teach you real-life application, unlike self-education. Schools are more towards theory-based, whereas self-education is practical.

You have gone through all the negativity in life and came out of it.

I’m sure you have grown stronger and learned several lessons from it.

4. For Things To Change, You Have To Change

As much as we want the outside things to change, we know it’s out of the question. And what are the chances that external factors would change in your favor? Little to none.

So, if that’s impossible, what is possible then?

What’s possible is changing ourselves. Only when you change then will things change.

We can change our mindset – the way we perceive things, habits, beliefs, and refining our philosophies.

5. You Have The Power To Make Choices

Every day, we face constant challenges of choices to make

If you don’t like something, decide on a better alternative rather than sticking to the same choice.

6. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Since you have to choose the good and evil in your life, you should be aware that every decision; has a cause and effect.

Whatever the outcome, you need to be responsible for it instead of blaming others.

Accepting responsibility is one of the highest forms of human maturity.

7. Don’t Borrow Someone Else’s Plan, Carve Your Own

Most of the time, our plans are direct influence by other people’s plans.

You don’t want to be in a situation where your decision is affected by them

Such an example would be listening to others telling you to be someone you don’t want to be. That’s their plan, not yours.

If you know your plan, go for it.

8. Do What You Should Be Doing

When you have a plan,  you should be doing what you want.

But because other people influence you, you brush your dreams aside.

Deep down, you know that it will bring much more success in your life. Listen to the inner voice that is telling you what you should be doing.

9. When There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Never underestimate the power of saying I will. When you say I will, you are very confident.

At that moment, even if you are not sure how you will achieve it, you will undoubtedly find a way.

10. You Have The Ability To Multiply A Source

We as humans have abilities to turn raw material into valuable material that could be worth more.

Just like a seed, when watered regularly, it can sprout, grow and have a lot of produce.

So work on yourself hard so that one day, your efforts will pay off multifold.

11. Practice What You Preach

Now, it’s important to practice first before teaching others.

It’s doesn’t sound right if you are teaching others, but you don’t practice it.

Allow yourself to be the experiment and ensure that the outcome is satisfactory. I don’t know you but, I believe that you are a person who wants to provide value to others.

At least, you can explain the experience you had during your practice.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the 11 philosophies to live by are,

  1. There Is Always A Blessing In Disguise
  2. Your Past Events Are Experiences To Use For The Future
  3. Self-Education Is The Best Form Of Education And Investment
  4. For Things To Change, You Have To Change
  5. You Have The Power To Make Choices
  6. Take Responsibility For Your Actions
  7. Don’t Borrow Someone Else’s Plan, Carve Your Own
  8. Do What You Should Be Doing
  9. When There Is A Will, There Is A Way
  10. You Have To Ability To Multiple A Source
  11. Practice What You Preach

As philosophies are guiding principles for your life, the decisions you make are affected by them.

If you have your philosophies and are beneficial to your life, I suggest you stick to them.

You can come out by yourself through reading books, listening to thought leaders, and adopt them.

Remember that you have the freedom to choose and make choices.

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