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I learned the hard way because my parents weren’t rich

I am the youngest amongst my siblings. I have two older brothers. And that means that all their items, be it their clothing, toys, or books, would be recycled to me. Why waste money to buy something new, when the old stuff still looks good and can be used again?...

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The Divorce (Part 3/3)

This would be the final part of the mini-series. So in this part, I would like to share with you, the aftermath of the divorce when it actually happened. It actually didn't end well. To know more, you will need to read the rest of the story. If you missed out on the...

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The Divorce (Part 2/3)

If you have read my previous post, you will have the idea that my parents relationship weren’t going that great. And when things aren’t going that great in a relationship, the next thing to do if there isn’t a solution, would be to break up or in my case,...

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The Divorce (Part 1/3)

Hi friends, I hope that my life stories does bring you back to your childhood memories, or at least allow you to understand and get a clearer picture that some events happened because there is something to learn out of it. In this story, it will be divided into 3...

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I’m Noor Iskandar! I’m a personal development blogger who writes and shares about my life journey with avid readers, seeking improvement and fresh perspective in their life. Hopefully, I can inspire and empower you with some ‘aha!’ moments and re-discover yourself.