I walked to school all by myself at the age of 6

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Yes, for a 6 year old kid who is still learning about his surrounding, I thought to myself, well this must be some kind of an adventure! I am not sure about you, but at the age of 6, I think that my parents should be accompanying me to school. I’m vulnerable and tender at that age. And I didn’t know anything about self defence. I can’t even defend myself against my elder brothers.

Of course, I felt scared walking to school all by myself. It’s like throwing a boy to a jungle to hunt for animals and build a house in the wild. I didn’t know the right techniques to kill an animal or how to navigate around. It would spell death for me. But I’m young and I have many years to live ahead of me. So death isn’t an option.

“I will need to adapt quickly and be wary of my surrounding.” I whispered to myself.

The primary school that I was in at that time, was directly opposite of my kindergarten school, so that could be the reason why my mother didn’t send me off. By the way, this is a neighbourhood school not those school that are in the middle of nowhere. Few months before I started walking to school by myself, I think my parents actually signed up for a bus service to ferry me to school. All I had to do was just walk up to my HDB block’s staircase leading to the road and wait for the bus. Once the bus arrived, I would walk up to the bus and find a seat to myself. If I’m not mistaken, I was the last person to be picked up. So the next destination would be school. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the magic school bus where the bus suddenly change into a flying bus. Else, I would have an adventure of a lifetime. (Wouldn’t that be interesting…)

After a month or so, I didn’t meet the bus driver. I wasn’t feeling sad or anything. I guess there wasn’t much to look forward to. Unless… if there was a cheerful young lady who would welcome us into the bus. Now, that would definitely be something to be happy and excited about every day. 
All I was told that I had to walk to school.  I wondered why. I was really young to think about all this, but thinking back it must have been the cost of the ferry service. Oh boy! This kind of service must be expensive right? Plus the school wasn’t that far from my home. (If as a parent, you could save money and your kid could exercise by walking to school, isn’t that a win-win situation…)

As a young kid, I am always curious about my surrounding. I never had trouble memorising places. I’m glad that I have a great memory about places. Usually, it will take me 2 – 3 times to frequent the place and it will be stored in my memory. Please note that during this time, it was around 19 years ago, I didn’t have a smart phone. All I had was a smart brain and great memory. Maybe that’s why back then, our brains were much more stronger. It’s because we didn’t had to rely on other smart gadgets. (Hmm.. Does smartphone makes us stupid and we make the phone smarter instead?)

The journey from my home to school would take roughly 10 – 15 min. It’s not that far, but I had those tiny short legs. I’m only 6 years old. What do you expect? With my small backpack containing books and knowledge that i would learn in class, I braved through the journey. I would cut across the blocks, looking at my surroundings and keep observing.

Do you remember the maths lesson that our teacher taught us? The one where there is a triangle and after giving you two dimension sizes, the maths question will ask to find X which is the hypothenuse (Key & Peele would say High On Pot-Enuse…) This is where we can apply it into real life. Instead of finding the X, cutting across would be better then walking around the perimeter of the block. (The only X I think that you would be finding, is your ex…)

I was sweeping through for any potential threats and to always be on guard if any strangers would approach me or even a snake that could potentially sneak up on me. Little did I know that it’s so early in the morning. I’m not sure if the bad guys are even awake at 7am in the morning or even if there were snakes in my area. Anything is possible right…

They say that successful people wakes up early in the morning. Maybe if bad guys wake up early, do you think they will be successful in doing the bad things? I hope not.

So I passed through some familiar buildings and that is where I know I’m on the right track. I wore those sparkling white shoe, which my mother helped me to sparkle it up with some instant white on shine, it really does wonders. It could turn a dirty shoe into a clean shoe in a minute! I’m not kidding. Some life hack there! 

I always looked forward to school. Of course, not for the lessons! Schools are meant for us to socialise, talk with friends and even do stupid things. That’s right, to do stupid silly mistakes. I’m not really encourging you but it’s just a place where we learn from our mistakes. I think the most important lesson here is that we learn from our mistakes early and improve from there. While we are young, I think we are able to afford mistakes and adults will tend to give chances. (That’s only for when we are young)

Young kids don’t really go school to study. They go to school to network and catch up on the latest buzz. It’s funny that when we are young, we naturally have all the skills such as networking, socialising and all other human skills. However, as we grow up, we actually forget how to do it or that’s how it seems…

Back to my journey, after cutting across the blocks, I climbed the final flight of stairs. I have now reached the pavement by the road. I could see my school from afar. I’m so proud of myself. I think I deserve a star shaped sticker on my school uniform. That’s the reward we get for doing well right? The yellow star that makes us smile from ear to ear. 6 years old and knows how to go school by himself? You got to be kidding me! It’s totally unbelievable! A huge burden have been lifted for my parents or any parents out there if their kid could be as independent as me. (Just finding an opportunity to praise myself..)

Cars would be zooming pass and I would admire the scenery of blocks and some greeneries like trees and bushes. I was amazed with everything. The only thing that is bringing me down are the books behind my back. How much does these books weigh? I haven’t had any real training but i guess this was the start. This must have been an early start to being a soldier. 

Before i reached my school, there would be a road to cross. There will be an uncle or auntie wearing those yellow vest who are in charge of that particular road. They are our guardian and probably a psychic too. Their job is to make sure that we cross the road safely and to stop any car approaching that road. We are the priority of the road. Other than the traffic lights and the police officers, they are the ones who can stop traffic. Why I say that they are psychic is because all they have to do is just look at the car and bring their hands up and magically the car will slow down and come to a complete stop. Isn’t that amazing… 

While crossing the road safely, I observed that there are parents or guardians that are sending their kids to school either by car or by foot. Those kids that come from a well to do family, got dropped off by their parents awesome, beautiful cars. (How lucky they must have been...)

Their parents were giving their kids lots of kisses, hugs and their final goodbye before entering the gate of the school. I wasn’t jealous as I had received mine way earlier than them. At last, their parents have released their weight on the shoulder, knowing that the teachers in school will take care of their little, cute and playful kids. (All the best to the teachers…)

After entering the school gate, I felt like I have entered a bushy jungle with a machete in my hand to cut my way through and managed to chance upon a magically world on the other side. Like in those movies where waterfall is pouring at the distance, butterflies are flying, beautiful scenery of vast mountain and greeneries everywhere, that’s the same feeling I get as soon as I entered the gate. Mission accomplished! And I am glad that I had made it safely to school. Thank God, the angels and the uncles or aunties for watching over me. 

What I have learned

Looking back at my young days, I have developed a sense of getting to know my surrounding as well as being independent. I didn’t need to rely on my parents sending me to school anymore. I also have developed the courage to brave through the journey and I didn’t have much to think about. 

I realised that as a teenager or young adult, we tend to overthink, on what could happen during the journey. And at the end of the day, we choose not to take that journey. We think about so many possibilites that would happen. In actual fact, these are all our imaginative mind that produces these images. 

In my story, I thought there would be bad guys who will be sneaking up to me. BUT I managed to reached safely to school. (Yes, I know I may have exaggerated it) The things that we imagine in our mind, I can guarantee you that 99.99%, it won’t happen. My journey was from point A, my home, to point B, my school and there will be some challenges faced during the course of the journey. Thankfully for me, there wasn’t any difficulty or any bad guys out there.

It taught me that if we are on the right path, we would recognise the familiar buildings or in the real life term, some small success that others have passed by. Over time, I learned that success leaves clue behind. So if you managed to come across the clues, then you ought to know that you are in the right path. Just keep on moving and enjoy the scenery, the journey and eventually you will reach the destination you intend to reach. 

How you can apply this to your life?

Ask yourself, when you want to explore into a new stuff, what do you think about? Do you think of all the possibilities it will work? Or do you think about all the possibilities that it would not work? I think it’s the latter because I think like that too.

Can you see that before we even start embarking on a new journey, we have already start to fail in our mind. We have not looked into the opportunity, instead we look at the what ifs.

Actually the first step, is to try it out and have the mindset that things will turn out fine. If the journey is a great one, ask yourself, how can you prepare yourself so that you wouldn’t be lost in the journey? What skills you would need to learn in order to get there? Who do you need to associate with to get to the place that you want? Is there anyone who have achieve a similar success to yours so that you can see how they did it?

I hope you enjoyed my story and what I have learned has brought some lesson to you. If you enjoyed the story, I would appreciate it if you would help to share this story around. It could benefit those around you. 

Also, if you think you have learned another lesson other than what I mentioned, do leave a comment below. I will be most happy to read it and learn from you. 

With that, I wish you a very good day ahead! Peace.

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  1. Hey Iskandar.. I am so impressed that you remember all those details from your first day at school.
    The only thing I remember is me crying when my father left me there all by myself.
    Anyway, I really loved the post tho…it was nostalgic to remember this period of my life…it brought back such beautiful memories…
    Congrtas on your blog..keep it up!!

    1. Hey Fatina, occasionally I do pass down the memory lane while taking the public transport and it just hits me that it becomes clearer and clearer. Also, I think that actually it was like a sort of a painful one to me, that’s why it could stick to my head for quite some time. But it did taught me something. So I’m glad my parents made me go out there by myself when I was young.
      I cried too when I was left alone(: I guess it’s normal as we were still attached to the warmth feeling of love and affection. It’s ok if we don’t recall the past, some things are meant to be forgotten and to move on.
      I agree sometimes it’s great to look back at the happy moments and be reminded of the little bits of happiness to keep us going too! I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something from my story too. Thank you so much for the feedback. I will keep on going. Thank you!

  2. Hey bro..this is very impressive…i loved it…. congratulations for your starting of new journey…i hope you always admires us…. waiting for the next one🤗🤗

    1. Hi Ravin bro. Nice to see you here😆 Thank you for supporting me during this journey. I will do my best for sure. Yes, post will be out every Monday and Thursday. Please stay tune bro. 👍

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