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9 Easy To Do Habits That Is Life Changing

by 10 May 2021Personal Development

If your life isn’t going where it’s supposed to be, then it’s time to start changing your habits.

These nine easy-to-do habits are so simple you can start doing them right away.

If you have possessed some bad habits in your life, I would recommend changing your habits into these nine positive habits because they have helped me in my life.

As a result of these habits, I am healthy most of the time, more creative, open up to more ideas, and many more.

Let’s dive into the nine habits that you can try out immediately.

9 Easy-To-Do Habits You Can Start Now 

Life-Changing Habit #1 – Make Your Bed 

“If you want to change the world, start by making your bed first.”

– Admiral William H. McRaven.

You can watch his speech about making your bed when you wake up

In summary, he mentioned that this simple act of making your bed is an accomplishment that would spiral your day.

You did the first task in the morning which is, making your bed. After that, you begin to do the second task and then the next. 

End of the day, you would have accomplished so much.

And if you had a bad day at work, at least a pleasant-looking bed is waiting for you.

Life-Changing Habit #2 – Drink A Glass Of Water

Now that you have made your bed and already up, don’t you feel thirsty? Why not head to the kitchen and grab a glass of warm water. 

Let’s fill up the fluids in our bodies from a long night’s sleep. Do your body a favor and hydrate yourself. Additionally, it cleanses your digestive system. That would mean that you may spend some quality time in the toilet. 

If heading to the kitchen to grab a glass of warm water, why not consider purchasing a water bottle and placing it beside your bed where you can easily reach out. That way, you wouldn’t have any excuse not to drink water. 

I recommend getting at least a 500ml water bottle. The bigger, the better. At least, it may motivate you to drink at least 2L a day. 

And what’s the best way to ensure you have your water bottle beside you early in the morning? To prepare it before you head to bed the night before. 

Habit #3 – Reserve quality personal time 

Now that your body is hydrated and able to function, sit by yourself and start reflecting on your life. Take in slow, deep breathes and calm yourself.

We are too busy with everyday tasks that we are unaware of what we are doing. Relax and ask yourself how do you want the day to turn out? What do you want to be today? How can you benefit others?

You don’t need to spend so much time at first.

Start by doing a minute of this exercise. When you get more comfortable, increase it gradually.

The objective of having this personal time is to be aware of our actions. We are human beings, not a human doing.

Habit #4 – Exercise

If you are still feeling sleepy after having a personal quality time by yourself, it’s time to do some intense workout.

No, you don’t need to spend long hours – this intense movement will only take up a minute of your time. How great is that?

You can set a timer on your phone and begin your workout. You can do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, plank, or even jogging on the spot.

Keep going and continue for a minute. Don’t stop or take a break in between. But when the timer sounds, stop and remember to take deep breathes.

This burst of exercise early in the morning could spark your engine and keep your body moving. It could also wake your sleepy head up.

Habit #5 – Write Three Things You Are Grateful For

Finally, your system is booted up. You now can think clearly. Take out a gratitude journal if you have one or your notes on your phone, and write down three things you are grateful for in your life.

I can’t stress how this habit has been helping me shape the way I think. Being grateful has filled my mind with positivity and eliminating the negativity in it.

Not only has it filled my mind with positivity, but it has also made me a much happier person.

If you prefer to write physically, then I suggest purchasing a journal dedicated only for gratitude purposes. And if you prefer typing on your phone, use a note-taking application such as Notion, Evernote, and many more.

Just search ‘note-taking app’ on Google.

Whichever method you prefer, always make it accessible to you at any time. So, when you are having a bad day, pull out your gratitude journal and read it.

I bet you will feel slightly better after reading it.

Habit #6 – Declutter Your Things

After writing what you are grateful for, look for things around your room that serve no benefit and have been lying around for years.

Do you think it’s time to throw away stuff that is taking up space in your room?

When you throw things you don’t need, trust me, you will feel that you have released a chain on your neck. You will feel great.

After the initial stage of doing this, cleaning up would be effortless and therapeutic for you.

With bigger and neater space, you can think creatively and clearly.

Habit #7 – Say ‘No’ To People Politely

It’s good to help others when they require help. You appear helpful to them. Also, that’s where you seem approachable and likable to others.

But being overly helpful will cause some setbacks to you. When you help others, you are using your time. The time you need to use to finish your assignment gets held back because you helped them.

By learning to say no to others, you can finish your task on hand and feel accomplished.

I discovered this while on my job. I’m a helpful person. I love to help as it makes me happy to see that I had eased their task. But after a while, I realized that my work is piling up. Nobody is going to help me but myself.

So, learn to refuse others strategically. You don’t have to say no to everyone, but start refusing at least once a week. See how that will turn out for you.

Maybe, if you have three friends asking you for help, help just one instead.

Habit #8 – Read Books 

Now that you have refused others, you have some time on your hand. What better way to use your free time than to read a book? Set aside at least thirty minutes a day to increase your knowledge.

I think reading a book is a daunting task. So, start with reading a chapter of the book.

If you don’t like what you are reading, find another one. You can read it before going to sleep or in the early morning while waiting for the bus.

If you prefer reading electronically, consider installing kindle and purchasing the e-book through Amazon. Kindle can is available on any phone. And it is not necessary to buy the device itself.

Habit #9 – Manage Your Money

Well, I’m not talking about investments or growing your money. I’m just stating about managing your money.

That includes knowing where and how your money comes and goes. Start by keeping track by recording your transactions on a note. Observe where the money is flowing.

How much of your money is going to food and drinks? How about transportation? Does ten percent of your allowance go to savings? Or is it all spent on other items?

Be conscious of your purchases.

You want to know how and where your cash flows so you can adjust from there. Knowing that is crucial in planning your finances.

Final words

If you read the article as a whole, it may seem like a well thought mini-morning routine to follow. These nine habits are what I embrace in my life. I am continuously adding better habits into my routine.

After discovering new positive habits, I try to implement them and do them religiously every day.

Let’s start with these nine habits first before exploring new ones.

A final note to you readers, if the habits above are still too big for you to follow, then start at a smaller scale. Whatever the case, start small. The key is to be consistent with these habits.

Which habits do you already possess? What do you think about this post that I have shared? Let me know in the comments.


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