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Change Mindset Today | 7 Mindsets To Improve Your Life

by 3 May 2021Personal Development

It’s never too late to change your mindset. Ignore those who keep telling you that it’s impossible to change. Fortunately for you, it’s possible to do so.

You can develop these seven mindsets that I will share with you in a short while.

One of the very few differences between a successful person and a non-successful person is their mindset. It’s the way they think or perceive things in any situation. 

Mindset?! Believe it or not, it’s true!

Why is it crucial to change your mindset at the early stage of your life? 

The mindset that we cultivate at an early age reflects greatly in our behavior, how we deal with success and failure in both professional and personal atmosphere. Ultimately, how happy we are in our life. 

Here is the list of mindsets for you.

7 Mindsets That You Can Change Today

Mindset Change #1 – Learner Mindset 

First, on the list, I have for you, a learner mindset. They are the ones that are constantly learning and updating themselves about new trends, latest topics about things that are of interest to them. 

The fact that you manage to stumble upon this blog post proves that you have a learner’s mindset. 

You are aware that personal development is an ongoing journey. And there is no stop to it even if you reach old age. 

A person who thinks that she/he has learned everything about a specific topic is wrong. There will always be room for improvement. Just compare the technology back then and now. Look at how much it has changed and improved over time.

Mindset Change #2 – Do-er Mindset 

Second, on the list, I have for you, a do-er mindset. As Bruce Lee once said, “Knowledge is power. Knowledge without application is USELESS.” 

If you have gained a particular knowledge, remember to act upon it. 

Let me give you an example; you came across this post and learned about the seven mindsets. The next thing you can do is start planning how to adopt these mindsets. Or it could be simply just taking down notes. Just DO something.

Let me share with you a great tip. If there is a great idea out there, quickly note it down on your phone or journal. NEVER RELY ON PURE MEMORY. It will fail you. 

#3 – Entrepreneurial Mindset

Third, on the list, I have for you, an entrepreneurial mindset. I would highly encourage you to start developing this mindset. Entrepreneurs would go high and low to search for problems to solve. They could either solve it through selling a product or offering a service. 

Either way, they are helping and providing value to the masses at the same time. Usually, this will be related to your passion and using it to help others. 

Personally, I think that achieving this mindset is not easy but, it’s worth it. There are lots of behind the scene moments such as brainstorming, researching, and continuous testing. It’s a long process. To add on, the countless amount of failures. 

But through this process, you will develop your thinking ability and spark your creativity. 

#4 – Dreamer Mindset

Fourth on the list, I have for you, a dreamer mindset. Everything is possible within their wildest imagination. There are no mental blocks or limiting beliefs preventing them from doing so. 

These are the ones that turn IMPOSSIBLE to I-M-POSSIBLE. Just take a moment to think about this statement below. 

“Everything that you see in this world; is the work of someone’s imagination.” 

Take Walt Disney as an example. If he hadn’t created Mickey Mouse in his imagination first, he wouldn’t be able to replicate it in the real world. And we wouldn’t have Disneyland. 

Whatever dreams that you have, keep visualizing them every day. Along the way, when you meet with new people and acquire specific skills and awareness, the vision that you have, is possible. 

#5 – Gratitude Mindset

Fifth on the list, I have for you, a gratitude mindset. These people are always grateful no matter what the circumstances or situation is. They tend to lean towards the positive side of the event. 

Do you know that having this mindset is one way of achieving positivity in your daily life? 

If you start waking up early in the morning feeling grumpy, try this for a change. Find something that you have in your life that others don’t, and be grateful about it. It could be anything like I’m thankful to have shelter under my head, I’m alive, I have my limbs, I’m healthy and etc. 

Do let me know if you see the difference in your life. 

#6 – Productive Mindset

Sixth on the list, I have for you, a productive mindset. Time is a commodity that – once it’s lost, is lost forever. These people values time. They are those who plan their schedule way beforehand and religiously stick to their daily routine. 

They know how to manage time and plan their activities strategically to make the most of their day in the most efficient, effective way. 

#7 – Confident Mindset 

Last but not least on the list, I have come to the last one, which is having confidence in yourselves. 

These people are willing to put their ego, fears behind while speaking to anyone. Be it a large or a small audience. 

To adopt this mindset requires time and effort. Confidence is sharing what you are passionate about and what are your beliefs are. The first step is to identify what are you passionate about and what values you have. 

After which, you may need to spend time talking and sharing with people about it. Preferably, those who support you. Gradually, you will feel more comfortable sharing about yourself. That’s when others will see that you are a confident person. 

Don’t forget about projecting the correct postures too! 

You want to hold your head up, pull your shoulders back and project your voice. 

Final words

In conclusion, the seven mindsets – learner, do-er, entrepreneurial, dreamer, gratitude, productive, and confident play a positive impact on your life.

I would suggest that you develop all these seven mindsets as a whole. 

Start to change your mindset today. You may want to start on one mindset first, then move on to another. Treat it like stacking blocks.  

You want to build a strong foundation for your life.

As I mentioned in the earlier part of the post, the mindset you adopt will reflect on your daily behavior. 

Which mindset do you already possess? Which one would you like to develop first? And why? Please do share with me. I would like to hear from you.




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