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In my other post, I mentioned that my mother had to work part-time to support her children. Usually, during the weekdays, we would be schooling. So, my mother can go to work and know that we are being taken care of in school. But how about the weekends? We had no school. I think she thought to herself, “how can I work and take care of my children at the same time?”

Her job requires hard work. It was laborious. Once in a while, she would peep to look at us. Of course, she placed us where she had sight of us. I saw her getting instructed by the restaurant supervisor or manager on where they needed help. She followed their instruction and began to do her work.

I saw that she is working hard and diligently. After work, I can see the look on her face that she is exhausted. But she never fails to brush it off and put on a calm look.

She is showing me that whatever the circumstances, we should not be still and do nothing about it. Instead, move around and find solutions. Take action. No matter how tough the situation, we need to persevere and go for it.

Every two weeks or so, she would get a small bonus from her company. She will use this extra cash to bring us to the arcade. I guess it’s a reward for being behaving ourselves pretty well.

I would say that my mother is bad at hiding the negative side of things. Instead of hiding it, she even brought us to her workplace. She even showed the struggles that she had to me. Was she bad at it? Or she had no other choice? I have no idea.

Looking back, I have learned to appreciate the hard work of other people. Most of the time, we take other people’s hard work for granted. I think the reason is that we don’t see it with our own eyes. We don’t witness the hardship and sacrifices that they are going through. They go through all these struggles so that they can ensure that you will not suffer. I also learned that whatever the difficulties we are facing, we need to keep pushing forward. I think that we all have good intentions. We tend to hide the negative side of things. By doing so, that person would be living in a state of denial. He/She thinks that everything in this world is perfect. It will impact the person negatively in the long run.

You can avoid seeing things at a surface level. Try to look deeper into the matter. They are always showing their positive side. There should be an underlying matter that they are hiding from you. If you can dig it out, that’s great.

If you can’t, can you take a moment to appreciate the hard work that others have put in? If you are doing well right now, doesn’t it seem like someone has put in a lot of effort and hard work to ensure that?

Let’s take the time to appreciate our parents. Our parents or loved ones may have hidden a lot of matters away from you. But try to see it on a positive side and know that they want the best for you.

There are a lot of ways to show appreciation to others. It could be the smallest of things like asking them how was their day, making them breakfast, scoring well in a test so that they can feel proud, or anything that would make them feel appreciated.

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Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary.

Margaret Cousins