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In my lifetime, I have moved houses over three to four times. I still remember when my parents told me that we needed to move house. I was reluctant to move. I was used to my surroundings. Even though there was a disagreement with my choice, I had no say. We had to move.

I have made friends with my neighbours. I felt so close to them. I have associated the places around me with some pieces of my memory. I had familiarised myself with all the buildings around me. I had no problems walking back home or to school all by myself.

And bam! I had to move house and move on.

Can you imagine the sadness that is within me? I had to give up all these things that are familiar to me. I had to give up the friendships I have, the places I’m already used to, etc. I had to move to somewhere unknown and re-learn my surroundings again.

Not only that!

Do you know how tiring is it to move house? I need to pack my stuff into boxes. Then I need to secure it with scotch tape. Arrange it nicely and label it. I need to plan out what outfit I would wear. So, I wouldn’t pack them in the box. Of course, we had to pack way sooner before the mover comes and picks our stuff.

For me, my brain is telling me, “stop, danger ahead”. I feel that whenever we expose ourselves to new environments, we tend to be defensive. We don’t want to explore new places. We are already comfortable at our homes, why should we move house.

I think there will always be a circumstance that we need to keep moving to different places. It could be either financials, social factor, wanting a new environment. The real reason lies with the person who makes that decision.

Honestly, the first time I moved into my second home, it felt weird. I notice that the neighbourhood is so much different from my first home. On top of that, I had new neighbours which I don’t even know, getting used to my new surroundings and feeling afraid.

Sometimes, we have invested so much time into something where we have to move and create the same outcome as the previous one we become tired. We may think along the lines of what’s the point? We are going to be moving again.

So we accept it just like that.

But I feel that in life, we have to be constantly trying. There is no such thing as perfect. Everything needs effort.

Whenever I passed by my old house, all the good and bad memories will play in my mind. It’s a nostalgic experience.

Looking back, I have learned to adapt to my surrounding. No matter where I would be, I will get used to the new environment. There is also another lesson in this. I learned that there is no point in changing the surroundings, be it people, things, etc. I prefer working on myself. It’s much easier that way.

I heard in a podcast that for things to change, we have to change. When we change, we will notice things will change.

Instead of trying to change your surroundings, have you considered changing yourself? Try working on yourself.

You will find the miracle in doing so. I agree that it wouldn’t be easy. Tell yourself to give yourself a time frame. Don’t rush yourself. All things take time. Be patient.

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The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.

Okakura Kakuz┼Ź