About Me

Hey there, friend. Welcome to my blog where I will share with you my life series and what I learnt from them and also my personal development journey. My name is Noor Iskandar (both are my first name) and I’m from Singapore also named as ‘little red dot’.

My mission 

I would like to connect and help with those who are going through some hard times in life and wishes to talk to someone who can relate to them without being judged by empowering, giving encouragement, advices and motivation. 

Background story of myself

I was brought into existence of this world in the year of 1995. I was raised in a family of 5 which includes my mother, my father, my 2 older brothers and me, the youngest of them all. I was born into a middle class family but not long after into a poor family. 

My family

In the beginning, my family journey was really nice but after some point of time, it ended when I was around 10-11 years old. My parents went into a state of divorce and that year opened up my mind to be a more matured person. After some time, my parents fought in court for the custody of their children. Eventually, my mother won custody over me and I followed my mother. That could be the reason why I am attached and closer to my mother.

My education journey 

After my pre-school education, my parents enrolled me into a neighbourhood school named Telok Kurau Primary School. In the year 2001, I served my 6 years in Telok Kurau Primary School.

After obtaining my PSLE results, I chose another neighbourhood school which is also nearby to my home named Bedok North Secondary School. I was enrolled in the year 2007. I was supposed to serve 5 years in Bedok North Secondary School, but due to my advancement to Express stream from Normal Academic stream, I saved a year.

After obtaining my ‘O’ level results, I chose Ngee Ann Polytechnic to be my next place of learning school. I served 3.5 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic instead of 3 years because I failed a subject in my 2nd semester (seems like I didn’t really save a year from my secondary school). It sort of break even. 

After completing 3.5 years of Polytechnic studies, I graduated in the year of May 2016 with a diploma in Electrical Engineering and fulfilled an option in Power Engineering.

My work journey

I didn’t want to pursue a degree because of the financial difficulties I faced and maybe I didn’t really like to study. As such, I took another path and let myself enrol into the school of life where the teacher is life and I am the student. Heading to the adult world is definitely a serious matter. As I got my first paycheck, everything starts to get real. My responsibility and duties as a son expanded real fast. It is said that “with great money, comes with great responsibility” and I agree with it wholeheartedly. 

I started to work part time at the age of 16, in odd job to support my own expenses because I wanted more and it was a way for me to be independent and understand how money is earned. I was recommended by a friend of mine to start my first work as a retail assistant in a handphone shop selling prepaid card, phone casing and etc. After that I took up random odd job such as packer & sorter, food delivery, kitchen assistant, direct selling, delivery rider and wedding decor. 

I served my 2 years of National Service as a police officer. I earned my freedom in the year of Nov 2017. During my years of National Service, I always wanted to work in a supermarket. So after completing my National Service, I got a job in NTUC FairPrice as a retail supervisor who is in charge of the grocery department. It may be a joke as my diploma is not related to my job.

For me, it’s always about the experience and what you study doesn’t really determine your future job. After a year, I felt that the job has come to a stand still, so i quit my job and found another job in ST Electronics where I served as an Associate Engineer who is handling a sub system. It’s somewhat related to IT and networking. 

After a fruitful year and 9 months, again the job has come to a stand still. So, I quit my job and started my own entrepreneurial journey which is currently what I’m doing with this blog. Lo and behold! This blog is born on the March 2021!

My travel experience 

I was exposed to the outside country when I was around 11 – 12 years old. My first country other than Malaysia since it was our neighbouring country, was to Thailand, Chiang Mai. If I was not mistaken, I was there with my school mates to teach english. That opened my eyes to the possibility of how fun travelling is and is a source of exploring to new places. 

At the age of 14-15 years old, I had another opportunity to travel to Japan with my CCA(Co-curriculum activity) members for a student exchange programme. Due to my financial issues, I managed to get more subsidies and I paid lesser with my own money. Again, I was exposed to the other people’s warm culture. 

After a while, I developed a love for travelling to Southeast Asia countries. I actually did a solo travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and also to Thailand from South to North. I love to learn about other people’s culture and I love the freedom of travelling alone. Traveling is another way that opened up my eyes to see how fortunate I am to be living in Singapore. It also did allow me to spend some time by my own to reflect on my life. 

Hopefully, in the coming years, I would be able to expand the number of countries I visit so I can add up to my list of countries that I have been to. 

Why I started this blog

Over the years, I actually developed a fond of personal development. I am always trying to find ways to improve myself and make my life better. I embrace the saying ’to change others, you have to begin the change in yourself’. The fact that I undergo an unpleasant journey in the early part of my life that could make me go to the wrong path which thankfully I didn’t, is actually a blessing for me.

It’s through the tough times and emerging out of that unpleasant journey that made me a stronger, better and a much matured person. I also found that investing in myself with books, audios, videos and surrounding myself with great people actually made me to who I am today. 

I hope that through this blog, I am able to inspire you to also improve yourself no matter what situation you may be in. It could be that you are in a rough situation or an easy situation but deep down you always want to be some where better and be happier and not forgetting to help others as well!

What would be the theme of the blog

As you can see that this about me page talks about my life in particular. So this blog would be about my personal life journey from when I was a young kid till my current age. I will be sharing with you, what I learnt looking back at the experiences i have gone through. In addition to that, I would like to share with you tips and advices that I found helpful to me that I have learnt by reading books, listening to podcast, watching YouTube videos and attending seminars. It will be in a form of How-to blog post. 

My promise to you

I will produce at least 2 quality blog post per week consistently. My goal would be one on Monday and the other on Thursday. I will upload the post at 9pm (+8 G.M.T).

And that is my introduction of me. If you think that this blog would help you, do subscribe to my newsletter to catch my new blog post every week! 

Best Regards,

Noor Iskandar (nibmi08@gmail.com)

Note to my readers

The blog post about my life series are based on true story. I try my best to recall my past. The sequence of event may not be 100% accurate since it happened years back. But the most important thing is the lesson that I bring forth. Languages are definitely not my strength. If there are grammatical mistakes, I would like to apologise in advance. I am just a human being who isn’t perfect but I am always seeking ways to improve and learn along the way.