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25 Important Life Lessons That Will Change Your Future

Socializing with our elders can be enriching when they impart their important life lessons to us. I mean who else has gone through much in life than them? Another way is to learn when things happen for you. By that time, it may be too late. If you aren't close to your...

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Here Are 11 Powerful Life Philosophies To Live By

Be careful about which philosophies to live by because they would be a guiding principle in your life. According to the Cambridge dictionary, philosophy is -  also the beliefs you have about how you should behave in particular situations in life. I follow Jim Rohn and...

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7 Positive Traits Of A Person To Be Successful (Students)

Do you know any positive traits of a person that makes them successful in life? For me, I didn't know until I begin searching for it. As a student, I had limited resources. So, I had to rely on books. I watched videos that speak about autobiographies of famous people....

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7 Effective And Successful Steps To A Productive Morning

When we discuss having a productive morning, we are talking about getting a considerable amount of tasks done in the first half of the day without having any distractions.  The truth is I didn't know much about productivity until I came across this YouTube channel...

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9 Easy To Do Habits That Is Life Changing

If your life isn't going where it's supposed to be, then it's time to start changing your habits. These nine easy-to-do habits are so simple you can start doing them right away. If you have possessed some bad habits in your life, I would recommend changing your habits...

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Hi there, I’m Iskandar. I’m obsessed with personal development. I’m always trying to find ways that I can improve myself. Which, in turn, hoping it will change my life for the better. And I’m glad it did! Because of that, I want to take this opportunity to share and teach the Youths that personal development can change your life too and make you a better individual.