Sand My Regards is a project I have chosen to embark on to document the temporary dwellers of the seashore. I find intrigue behind the tales entailed to each respective find. It explores the phases of functionality that hinges both on corporeality and spiritual leanings.

I would commence the course of the project by focusing on Changi Beach, at the east side of Singapore. As this beach specifically holds a function of being a funerary site of the local Hindu community, there are numerous ritualistic ornaments left at the beach.

I yearn to examine the idea of duality and subjectivity in meanings. What is deemed as a treasure to one is trash to another? ‘Trash’ is really a recurring contention in this project. To many, objects found splattered across the beach are mere litters and sources of pollution. It shrouds a clinical, almost disinterestedness mask onto these ‘dwellers of the sand’. I feel it is my job to showcase what are so often overlooked or concealed out of sight.

This project also allows me to be intimate with nature, something which I am fond of. I have the penchant to capture the skin of the world, hence shying away from the staged concepts and theathrics. Hence, for this project, which would be shot fully on a 35mm SLR camera, I would challenge myself to instigate a critical approach in composition and delicate choice of natural light , rather than the physical rearrangement of objects. I feel the need to keep the objects untouched and untainted; as sacred as their stories.

I will learn from this project the depths of complexities in objects; looking at objects as a container for meanings. Meanings which are derived through highly exclusive thoughts and lives. I like the idea of objects as the shadows of time. It provides glimpses of history and traces of identity. The mystery and allure behind this supposition is inspiring.