This series derives from an emotional response of the artist's struggle within a complex society.An evocation of sorts to Noor's placement as a Muslim man in contemporary Singapore; A Singapore that is aggrandized by skyscrapers and the ever so rapid bustle of modernity. Within these shifts, the notion of fluid identity becomes accentuated.

The identity of a Muslim in this age of time has become so affiliated with the world revolving around it be it the vested agendas and crises of identity, the guilt from associations, the decadence of faiths. Identity no longer refers to an individual but to a religious organization as congregation.

It speaks of a desperate search of meaning amidst the bouts of uncertainties and displacement of faith, and as a bigger picture the failings of identity in its fluidity. A search for seraphic seclusion. A placidity amidst the chase and haste. A shedding of skin, if I may. A prayer to reclaim comfort for the stirrings of soul.



My ear drums can contain
But only the ringing of defeat,
muffled by the waves crashing on my two feet.
Distracted by the wails from the sirens of modernity,
the cries of vices, unfamiliar places
pounding on the empty shells of serenity.
The hails of the prayers kill the requiem of dawn
placidity now, a rare thorn

In haste of the chase, I forgot the Qibla of my heart
In the haze of the maze, I let the Mihrab crumble apart

Monumental stillness, Raging calmness

Empty , blasphemy.
Lost, heed the caution
losing my religion, food for the ocean
drowning in fire, freezing as they burn

Helter-skelter, prayer in order

I have to run for cover,
under shelter
between the surahs of my Quran
before the professions of your kalimah
within the inflections of our adhan

But the sirens invaded my head, creeping closer to the shores of my heart.
Ravenous, smearing stains all over my Shahada , pouring sand into this cut