This piece is inspired by the seemingly blurred out line between religion and conflict. I wanted to show the duality of Muslim clothing article, in this case the most identifiable one, the hijab, chador, prayer veil. How within a solitary premise for instance, conversations with God, it exhibits purity and devotion. The apparel marks a unity and “oneness” amongst the sisterhood (ummah). However, by this clothing article too, within the premise of secularity, they are easy targets of judgmental platitudes. How classification, identification and collectivism are easily brought forth. The “oneness” is pronounced here too, except by perceptions formed from the opposite spectrum. The subject is on the bed as the bed holds vast connotations. Bed is often associated with death, frailty, isolation, vulnerability or solace. The bed too, offers another dimension; one that borders on vulgar and delinquent boundaries. I wanted to juxtapose the idea of sanctity and the profane. How we choose to allow preconceived notions dictate our personal judgement. How we choose to taint something venerable to something odious. How we choose to focus on the religious signifier instead of the entity as individuals. Till we are ready to set aside judgments, these flowers will shy away.