I have chosen to embark on a project to photograph the sights of a commuter in his journey on Bus 12 along its entire service route. The whole idea is fuelled by the thirst to photograph with an urge of looking beyond. Capture the transient moment. Double the perspective not only the fleeting nature of moment in front of the lens but as well as in front of our eyes , with the intentional progression on the road. The public transport is a commonplace for commonfolks. It acts as a thread that binds the multi-lateral society, also in literal terms of the network of bus stops. I have a weird obsession with long bus rides- most of the time active as passive onlookers onto the world outside. It provides the perfect comfort of being reclusive and obscured enough to be intimate with the sights around.

I have chosen this bus service as it hits close to home. It coincidentally fits the theme of presenting 12 final images, hence the ordained title, 12 by 12. The bus route, which extends from Pasir Ris to New Bridge Rd, I feel, has a plethora of sights to offer. There is a very appropriate shift or rather, transition from the feel-good neighbourhoods to the buzzing idiosyncrasies of the city. It provides a fascinating array of sampling of nation building in a fine platter. From the rustic streets of Katong to the scenic sweep of the Kallang River, followed by the hustle of New Bridge Rood, this bus route encompasses the perfect mixture of context. At the end of the project, I should be able to present 12 images that speak the most colourful language and identity. I feel that this project is synonymous to a social welfare officer gathering the little, hidden voices, afterwhich he will emerge as a storyteller.